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Dark lips? Must read!

I started on my PMU journey knowing that I wanted to not only service lip blush clients but also have an option for those who have darker toned (hyperpigmented) lips. Enter Lip Neutralization. Lip Neutralization has been on the rise as the hot new trend in permanent makeup. So what is it? Lip Neutralization is similar to lip blush in that the artists uses a tattoo gun to implant pigment into the lips, however the goal is to lighten brown, gray, or purple lips to a lighter neutral tone not to add color!

Another big difference is that clients who need lip neutralization will need PATIENCE! The service may require more than one session to achieve a neutral tone of the lips. This also depends on how dark the lips are initially. Some clients may want to add color after their lips have been neutralized. This can be possible, but not in all cases. I set expectations that adding color cannot always be achieved after the lips are neutralized. If the lips are light enough and just slightly hyper pigmented; sometimes adding color and neutralizing can be done in one session. This will have to be evaluated on a case by case basis!

Still not sure if you will need lip neutralization or have questions? Booking a consultation is the best way to get all of your questions answered. I look forward to giving you the lips of your dreams! Cheers!

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